Curriculum Vitae

Kris McDaniel

Professor of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University

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Area of Specialization: Metaphysics

Areas of Competence: Ethics, History of Philosophy (primarily Kant, early modern, Heidegger, and early 20th century), Philosophy of Religion


1994-1998: Western Washington University, BA in philosophy
1999- 2004: University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Ph.D. in philosophy

Visiting Positions

Plantinga Fellow at the Notre Dame Center for the Philosophy of Religion, Spring 2018.

Visiting Fellow at the University of Colorado-Boulder, April 2017.


The Fragmentation of Being. 2017. Oxford University Press.

This is Metaphysics, under contract with Wiley-Blackwell publishing.

Edited Book

The Good, The Right, Life and Death, ed. Richard Feldman, Kris McDaniel, Jason Raibley, Michael Zimmerman, Ashgate Press 2007.


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Critical Studies

4. “Critical Study of Peter van Inwagen’s Existence: Essays on Ontology“, Analysis (forthcoming).

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1 “Review of Phil Dowe’s Physical Causation”, Erkenntnis 56.2 (2002), pp. 258-263.

Work in Progress

“The Essence of Being”

“Calkins on Freedom and Idealism”

“Modes of Instantiation”

Author Meets Critics: Kant’s Modal Metaphysics”  (for Kantian Review)

“Transcendental Freedom”

“Conventional Truth Revisited”

“Mereology and Methodology”


“Calkins on Freedom and Idealism”, New York University Conference on Idealism, November 2017.

“van Inwagen on Being”, Quo Vadis, Metaphysics? Dedicated to Peter van Inwagen’s 75th Birthday, Warsaw, Poland, September 2017.

“The Essence of Being”, Dartmouth University, August 2017.

“Modes of Instantiation”, University of Colorado-Boulder, April 2017.

“Modes of Instantiation”, Pluralisms Conference, Bonn University, Germany, March 2017.

“Ontology and Philosophical Methodology in the Early Susanne Langer”, University of Virginia, February 2017.

“Normative Accounts of Fundamentality”, Arizona Metaphysics Conference, January 2017.

“Normative Accounts of Fundamentality”, University of Notre Dame, December 2016.

“Normative Accounts of Fundamentality”, Denison University, November 2016.

“Author Meets Critics: Nicholas Stang, Kant’s Modal Metaphysics”, North American Kant Society, Montreal, Canada, October 2016.

“Ontology and Philosophical Methodology in the Early Susanne Langer”, University of Toronto, Canada, October 2016.

“Workshop on the Fragmentation of Being”, University of Indiana-Bloomington, June 2016.

“Normative Accounts of Fundamentality”, at Fundamental Truthmakers: a Metaphysics Festival, University of Miami, April 2016.

“Being and Essence”, Kyoto University, Japan, March 2016.

“Five Lectures on the Fragmentation of Being“, five invited talks given at Seoul National University and sponsored by the Pluralisms Global Research Network,  South Korea, March 2016.

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“Modes of Instantiation”, University of Bergamo, Italy, Conference on the Metaphysics of Properties, July 2015.

“Normative Analyses of Naturalness”, Metaphysics Conference at Ovronnaz, Switzerland, June 2015.

“Better to Not Really Be”, Mind, Eternity, and Immortality Workshop, Johns Hopkins University, April 2015.

“Comments on Martin Glazier’s Explanation, Actualist Possibility and Tomorrow’s Sea Battle”, Pacific Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association, April 2015.

“Comments on Gabriel Uzquiano’s Recombination and Paradox”, Arizona Ranch Metaphysics Conference, February 2015.

“Categories”, The Relationship Between Metaphysics and Logic, University Southern California, January 2015.

“Normative Analyses of Naturalness”, University of Las Vegas, December 2014.

“Non-Standard Mereology: Questions about the Dialectical Situation”, Conference on Mereology at St. Andrews, UK, November 2014.

“Being and Essence”, Brown University, October 2014.

“Being and Essence”, Georgetown Conference on the Philosophy of Religion, Georgetown University, Washington DC, October 2014.

“Being and Essence”, Conference on Intensional/Hyper-Intensional Metaphysics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico, September 2014.

“Being and Essence”, University of Vermont, September 2014.

“Metaphysical Naturalness and Normativity”, Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference, UC Boulder, August 2014.

“Propositions Metaphysically Individuated”, Conference on Propositions for the Leeds Representation Group, University of Leeds, UK, May 2014.

“Being and Essence”, invited Symposium at the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association, San Diego, April 2014.

“Ways of Being and Time” and “Fundamental People” while Philosopher in Residence at University of Iowa at Ames.

“Propositions, Tuples, and Hyper-Intensionality”, Metaphysics on the Mountain Conference, Idaho, March 2014.

“Comments on Sam Cowlings, “The Way of Actuality”, Central Division of the America Philosophical Association, Chicago, Feb 2014.

“Fundamental People”, at Themes from Baxter II, Ligerz, Switzerland, October 2013.

“Propositions, Tuples, and Hyper-Intensionality”, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, September 2013.

“A Philosophical Model of the Distinction Between Things in Themselves and Appearances”, Conference in Honor of Lynne Rudder Baker’s retirement, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, April 2013.

“Metaphysics, History, Phenomenology”, at Methodology in Metaphysics, University of Michigan Anne-Arbor, March 2013.

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Comments on Christopher Hom and Jeremy Schwartz: “The Unity of the Proposition and the Frege-Geach Puzzle”, Pacific division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Seattle WA, April 2012.

“Fundamental People”, University of Ottawa, March 2012.

“Fundamental People”, John Hopkins University, March 2012.

“Fundamental People”, University of Kentucky-Lexington, February 2012.

“Fundamental People”, conference on Persistence at the University of Southern California, January 2012.

“Compositional Pluralism and Composition as Identity”, invited talk at the Eastern division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, December 2011.

“Eternity in 20th Century Philosophy”, Conference on Eternity, the University of Bochum Germany, December 2011.

Comments on Christian van Dyke: “A Prior Puzzle about the A Priori”, A Priori Workshop at the University of British Columbia, Canada, November 2011.

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“Existence and Number”, University of Leeds, October 2011.

“What Are Ontological Categories?”, LOGOS conference on fundamentality, University of Barcelona in Spain, September 2011.

“Parthood and Relative Identity”, University of Geneva, Switzerland, May 2011.

“The Moorean View of Lives: a Partial Defense”, conference on organic unities, University of Geneva Switzerland, May 2011.

“The Values of Knowledge and Their Implications, If Any, For Its Nature”, keynote talk given at Western Washington University conference, May 2011.

“Degrees of Being”, ANU Conference on Fundamentality, Australian National University, July 2010.

“Being, Ways of Being, Degrees of Being”, Metaphysical Mayhem 2010, Rutgers University, June 2010.

“Parthood is Identity?”, Conference on The Ontology of Ordinary Objects, Auburn University, February 2010.

“The Metaphysics of Axiology and the Welfare of Animals”, Bloomsburg University, February 2010.

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“Metaphysical Naturalness and Degrees of Reality”, SUNY-Fredonia, February 2009.

“Ways of Being and Time”, Arizona Ontology Conference, January 2009.

Comments on Gabriel Uzquiano: “Mereological Harmony”, Leeds Conference on Metaphysics, September 2008.

Comments on Jessica Wilson: “Trope Determination and Contingent Characterization”, Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2008.

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Comments on Georges Dicker: “Refutation of Idealism”, at the Early Modern Philosophy Workshop, Syracuse University, February 2006.

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Comments on Cody Gilmore: “Time Travel, Coinciding Objects, and Persistence”, Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2005.

Comments on Josh Parsons: “Is Everything a World?”, Pacific Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association, March 2005.

“Kantian Ignorance”, University of Colorado-Boulder, February 2005.

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Comments on Andrew Cortens: “Dividing the World into Things”, Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, August 2000.

“Tropes and Ordinary Physical Objects”, Pacific Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association, April 2000.

“Tropes and Ordinary Physical Objects”, Western Washington University, January 2000.

“Persons and Temporal Gappiness” (with Shawn Larsen-Bright), Pacific Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association, April 1999.

Comments on Andy Lloyd: “Spukhafte Fernwirkungen: the Relationship Between Science and Philosophy”, Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, April 1998.

Teaching Experience

At Syracuse University:

HNR 100: Six Myths about the Good Life

Philosophy 109: Honors Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy 313: British Empiricism

Philosophy 321: 20th Century Theories of Knowledge and Reality

Philosophy 341: Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy 401: Truth and Truthmakers

Philosophy 401: Topics in Metaphysics

Philosophy 401: Meta-Ethics

Philosophy 401: Metaphysics

Philosophy 402/602: History of the A Priori

Philosophy 500: Early 20th Century Philosophy

Philosophy 583: Metaphysics

Philosophy 615: Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

Philosophy 687: Proseminar: Language, Epistemology, Mind, Metaphysics

Philosophy 700: Husserl’s Logical Investigations

Philosophy 730: Leibniz: Substance, Modality, Causation (co-taught with Kara Richardson)

Philosophy 730: Descartes’ Metaphysics (co-taught with Kara Richardson)

Philosophy 750: Parts and Wholes

Philosophy 751: Hyper-Intensionality

Philosophy 751: Modality

Philosophy 840: Properties

Philosophy 840: Essence and Potentiality

Philosophy 860: Parfit’s Reasons and Persons (co-taught with Ben Bradley)

Philosophy 860: Foundations of Analytic Ethics (co-taught with Ben Bradley)

Philosophy 860: Existence

At the University of Massachusetts-Amherst:

Philosophy 100: Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy 110: Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Philosophy 160: Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 164: Medical Ethics

Philosophy 332: Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

Philosophy 383: Philosophy of Religion

Dissertation Committees 

Kendall Fisher (co-chair) “Thomas Aquinas on the Metaphysical Nature of the Soul and It’s Union with the Body”

Carolyn Garland (chair) “The Metaphysics of Grief”

Li Kang (chair) “Spreading Structures”

James Lee (chair) “A Metaphysician’s User Guide: The Epistemology of Metaphysics”

Steven Steward (chair) “On What Consists in What”

Byron Simmons (chair) (final title TBD)

Mark Barber “Ground and Relative Fundamentality”

Joel Brown “Kant, Derivative Influence, and the Metaphysics of Causality”

David BzDak “Knowing How: An Empirical, Functionalist Approach”

Filipo Casati “Being. A Dialetheic Interpretation of the Late Heidegger”

Dante Dauksz (final title TBD)

Arturo Javier Castellanos (final title TBD)

Jordan Dodd “Meaningful Experiences: An Essay on Experiences of Understanding”

Naomi Dershowitz (final title TBD)

Anthony Fisher “Ideology and Fundamentality: A Study in Metaphysics”

Gregory Fowler “The Nature and Structure of Space”

Kora Gould “Personal Identity, Reductionism and Eliminativism”

Jeremy Pierce “A Realist Metaphysics of Race: a Context-Sensitive, Short-Term Retentionalist, Long-Term Revisionist Approach”

Jason Rourke “Questions and Inquiry: Some Epistemological Applications”

Matthew Skeene “Putting the Ghost Back in the Machine: A Defense of Common Sense Dualism”

Andrew Specht “Kant and the Neglected Alternative”

Irem Kurstal Steen “Composition, Vagueness, and Persistence”

Mark Steen “Stuff, Process, and Object: An Examination of Substance and Its Alternatives”


Referee for Analysis, Analytic Philosophy, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Dialectica, Erkenntnis, Faith and Philosophy, Journal of Analytic Theology, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Journal of Philosophy, Logic and Logical Philosophy, Mind, Nous, Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Oxford University Press, Philosophers’ Imprint, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophy of Science, Rowman and Littlefield, Synthese, Theoria, Thought.

Graduate Director for the Department of Philosophy, Summer 2014-Summer 2016.

Philosophy Climate Committee, Spring 2014-Spring 2015.

Faculty adviser for undergraduates, Fall 2008-Spring 2009.

Philosophy adviser for the Honors College, Fall 2008-Fall 2013.

Served on the External Speaker Committee, Fall 2011-2012.

Served on the External Speaker Committee, Fall 2008-Spring 2009.

Served on the History of Philosophy search committee, Fall 2007-Spring 2008.

Served on the External Speaker Committee, Fall 2005-Spring 2007.

Served on the Executive Committee, Fall 2006- Spring 2007.

Served as faculty coordinator for the Dissertation workshop Spring 2006, Spring 2007.

Program committee member for the 2009 Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference.

Founding member of the Monads.

Founding member of the 21st Century Monads.