Hi, I’m Kris McDaniel. This is my webpage.  You probably knew that. The dog pictured below is Ranger.

.ranger august 2011

I keep it mostly plain text, because that’s how I roll, and also because I am not very good at website design.

I am currently a professor in the department of philosophy at Syracuse University. I work mainly in metaphysics, though I have research interests in ethics and the history of philosophy.

Here is a link to my research page, which contains descriptions of and links to my published and forthcoming papers.

Here is a link to my CV, in which almost all my published or forthcoming papers can be downloaded.

Here is a link to my teaching page, which lists the classes I have taught, and briefly talks about future teaching plans.

If you are a fan of the 21st Century Monads, our main page is here.

If you are a fan of the Monads, consider going here.

By the way, Andy Cullison helped set this page up for me and registered the domain address.  Check out his webpage as well: http://www.andrewcullison.com/  Be sure to check out his resources page: http://www.andrewcullison.com/resources/   Lots of good stuff there.